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The Best Tempe Hookah Lounges

Stop by King Tut Café and Hookah in Tempe Arizona to get something nice to do. Whether you are a hookah smoker or you just need fresh authentic Mediterranean meal you will be able to experience a great Mediterranean hookah Tempe bar within the valley. Tempe restaurants are known to offer original Mediterranean meals. Moreover, Tempe hookah lounges are a great place to meet with your friends, coworkers or family. They offer a more relaxing environment to smoke hookah, eat and to socialize.

King Tut Tempe Hookah bar

The first thing to notice when you just walk in the Tempe hookah bar is the fruity, Musky shisha-tobacco rolling cloud. Immediately after this, you realize the décor – which is basically kitschy Egyptian. On the walls, you will realize tapestries of different sizes even though they are all white, gold and brown hanging on the walls. They all depict camels, Egyptian gods, pyramids and royalty such as Nefertiti, Horus, and King Tut. The furniture in the hookah Tempe bar consists of various Moroccan couches that boast faded green cushions, which have many butt dents from the many years of college students hanging out in the place. Some cushions even bear burns of the weekend nights.

The floor features are very welcoming with some cool orange, white and black Girih tiles. Moreover, there is several large screen TVs that hang on the lounges opposite corners that is usually tuned to different types of games. On the night I visited this place, the screens were showing same muted football game and the music by the popular The Killers & The Postal Service that is played on the stereo of this lounge.

And on weekends, the King Tut (which offers full food menu such as the middle grub falafel plates, stuffed grape leaves , together with hummis and the standard American fare such as cheeseburgers and Nachos is usually packed from college students from the nearby ASU. On most Friday and Saturday nights, waiting for a full hour to get a seat isn’t uncommon, but when I visited the place on a Monday evening I found only 4 guys in the place. All were in their 20s in long shorts and T-shirts wrapped up on the football game enjoying hookah.

Hookahs at the King Tut are prettier standard Middle-Eastern models, featuring metal stems, hard glass bowels, and also flexible rubber hoses. However, mine was ready to hit (no primer puffing needed, topped with melon fruit bowl, that is filled up with melon tobaccos and Al-Fakhir honey mix. The hookah was very delicious – fruity, smooth and seemed to last forever. The prices in the lounge are par with those you expect in the other lounges within Tempe. To get regular hookah with clay bowl, which comes with fruit bowls intensify flavor of shisha tobacco and off-set thick taste of molasses – you will need $10.99.

The server was attentive even though not intrusive. He only came after every 20 minutes to check on the coals which burned more like a dream. The King Tut provides free Wi-Fi which has a great signal. It is now easier to see why King Tut is a great hangout for college students particularly on weekends and why it is a wonderful kickback spot on the slow weeknights.

The meals

Winning and dinning has its benefits and you should therefore select the best area particularly if you like smoking. Hookah Lounge Tempe isn’t one of the places you will encounter regularly in the city. It offers a lot of variety for individuals who spend quality time in best privacy but in best company of their kith or mates.

Being among the few Tempe restaurants which can serve freshly prepared delicious meals, they are a perfect mix between authentic restaurant and hookah lounge. If you aren’t a hookah smoker, you can choose to meet your clients, friends or even colleagues for affordable delicious foods that are from exquisite Mediterranean menu.

The Best Tempe Hookah LoungesHookah Lounge Tempe prides themselves for offering quality experience to all their customers. When it comes to hookah flavors, a customer will always be right and they are therefore always looking for suggestions for the new flavors to ensure that their shisha selections are always current and delicious. They provide a wider range of unique hookah flavors and they even import some of their shisha from Egypt.

King Tut Café and Hookah Lounge is situated at 1125 E. Apache Boulevard in Tempe and it is always open from Monday to Thursday and Sundays (4 PM to 2 AM) and Fridays and Saturdays 4 PM to 4AM.